What Our Customers Are Saying…

Fully adjustable barFROM LAUREL G:

Thank you for bringing the Davie-Bar to market. It has provided me much comfort at night in my home.

I have 3 bars, two for the entrances of the house and one for my bedroom, so I then have two lines of defense.I also have bear bangers and bear spray, and an escape plan.

Unfortunately I picked the wrong guy and survived a hostage taking in my home. After installing the bars I actually have some peace of mind, and I sleep better.

I used to wake up at night hearing footsteps coming down the hallway. Now I know that I would hear the door trying to be being kicked down.

Thank you again,

Laurel G.


Mr. Davie-Bar,

Yes I have indeed received my new Davie-Bar and 2 emails from you to confirm, and let me tell you how impressed I am with your business ethics. You sir, (the President/Owner of the Company/Corporation), have really shown concern and put forth the work/attention to me (the consumer) to ensure satisfaction of your product with no further profits in mind.

This to me is amazing, for there are few intelligent and worthy (willing to put forth the effort) owners of companies anymore. It is usually just a rich guy that has no idea what is going on with his company except if he lost one key employee his company would fall apart. You, however probably do all the valuable work/research for your product and are flooded with staff that think they are worth more than in reality, where in fact they get paid for stuff they don’t do and services that they don’t provide.

Well for what it is worth, you will stay in my mind as a business role-model and guru (king), and I have never held anyone in such high regard. I will definitely be passing the word that the Davie-Bar is the best thing you can buy for anyone and yet the cheapest.

Thank you sir for showing me there are people out there (at the top) that still know how to conduct good business practices.

Your Lifetime Consumer,

Scott W.

FROM Klaus G.

Klaus is a retired Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Canadian Mountie)

Hi Dave,

Just a short note to let you know how much my wife and I, especially my wife, appreciate the Davie-Bar. We just returned from a 5 week road trip through eastern Canada and the USA. We utilized hotels exclusively and found that even in higher priced hotels there are some interesting security lapses.

My wife has become an expert at finding these. When we book into a hotel the first thing she does is check the place out for cleanliness but right after that she looks at the security. She has found connecting doors that are unlocked and could not be locked. This is a big item when one is staying on the ground floor. Rather than face the hassle of moving into another room or find another hotel, out comes the handy dandy Davie-Bar, which due to its short length is easily carried in a suitcase, and is strategically placed under a door handle providing security, a good night’s sleep, and most importantly a happy wife. We take a lot of road trips and your bar travels with us at all times.

Thank you for providing such a wonderful traveling tool,



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