In today’s fast-paced society with its rapidly growing rates of break-ins and violence, the need for personal security has never been greater. Give yourself that extra protection with the DAVIE-BAR™ Door Jammer which you can use anywhere, anytime to deter intruders and give you time to call for help.

The DAVIE-BAR™ Door Jamming bar is a portable, easily positioned security device designed to provide instant, low cost, basic or back-up door protection for home, office, work, traveling, and many other situations.

The DAVIE-BAR™ Door Jamming device is a bracing strut which, when properly used, provides a resistance equal or greater than the pressure applied to the opposite side of the door, thereby defeating the intruder and giving the room occupant time during an attempted break-in to call emergency help: police, hotel security, a neighbor, etc.

The original DavieBarHOME INVASION – ARE YOU NEXT?

Almost every day in the paper we are reading about the relatively new phenomenon of “home invasion”.

At first many didn’t feel this was much of a threat to them as these types of crimes were generally perpetrated by criminals preying upon other criminals – mainly for drugs or the proceeds of drugs.

Though more and more we hear about home invasions perpetrated on people because of mistaken identity as well as just simply invading a strangers home to rob them – and it is also unfortunately true that these evil crimes are becoming more and more violent in nature.

Sadly, because of the cowardly and psychopathic nature of the criminals that commit these crimes, the more defenceless the victim is, the more likely it is that these criminals will severely harm or murder their victims.

The traveler DavieBarDON’T TAKE CHANCES

Don’t expose yourself to any unnecessary risk when the DAVIE-BAR™ Door Jammer can give you, your family, and your business that extra measure of peace of mind and security.

The DAVIE-BAR™ Door Jammer will protect you and provide instant back-up security anywhere easily and economically.


The 2 section DAVIE-BAR™ intended for home use costs $49.95 Canadian plus shipping.

The 3 section DAVIE-BAR™ intended both for travel and home use costs $69.95 Canadian plus shipping.

Because we ship the DAVIE-BAR™ all over the world, we cannot calculate the shipping charges until we know where we will be shipping your purchase.

Please contact us by phone with our toll-free number, or else fill out the following email form so that we can inform you of the final price. We will contact you with payment and shipping options once you have contacted us.

Shipping is generally quite low if in Canada or the U.S., though it can become quite expensive if we are shipping to certain other countries.

How to Order Your DAVIE-BAR™